Hon M. G. Aeneas Gowono was born in Numan, Gongola State on January 5th, 1918. His father, Mr Gowono Nzobargie, a farmer, has eleven children. His mother, Mrs Myarnoro is a full time housewife.

A devoted Christian, Hon Gowono attended the Boys Boarding School, Numan in 1927. He trained as a teacher in 1935, attended the British Council Course in Zaria in 1952 and was at the Institute of Administration Zaria in 1955. He worked as a revenue officer in 1957.

Hon Gowono taught at the S.U.M School Numan between 1938 and 1943. He was at the Numan Local Authourity between 1946 to 1961. From 1962 until he went into politics, he was a full time farmer.

He has three wives with well over eighteen children.

He is keenly interested in fishing and hunting.

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